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Understanding the Impact of Screen Time

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In today’s increasingly online world, electronics play a huge role in our everyday lives. From Zoom meetings to scrolling through news and social media feeds, the average North American spends around 6 hours looking at a screen per day! However, excessive screen time can have major repercussions on our health, including sleep, eye health, and overall [...]

Insights Into Low Estrogen

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The hormone estrogen plays an important role in many aspects of your health, from energy levels to cholesterol, mood to bone strength, and much more. Because of its broad range of functions in your body, declining estrogen levels can have a profound impact on your overall well-being. Unfortunately, estrogen levels are sensitive to change, particularly as [...]

CCA Northern Alberta — Optimum Wellness Integrated Clinic

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Optimum Wellness Integrated Clinic, located in Edmonton, has established itself as an exemplary award-winning business in healthcare. With over 20 years of dedicated service, the clinic, led by the distinguished Dr. A.J. DeNault ND, seamlessly integrates naturopathic medicine (NDs), conventional medicine (NPs) with Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM doctors). This unique approach has earned the clinic the [...]

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