Ozone Therapy Edmonton


The use of ozone therapy extends back 150 years where it was used to sterilize surgical equipment and water. Ozone gas has been used as a medical therapy for well over 100 years. The first documented medical use of ozone was in 1892 where it was used to treat tuberculosis. In modern times ozone therapy is used as a medical therapy in Germany, other parts of Europe, South America and North America.

The oxygen we breathe, also known as dioxygen, contains two oxygen molecules (O2) comparatively, ozone contains three oxygen molecules (O3). The additional oxygen molecule in ozone makes it a highly reactive compound that is much more likely to interact with other molecules. Ozone’s ability to give up one of its oxygen’s so that it can become more stable, ie. turn back into dioxygen, is the mechanism by which it provides its potential therapeutic benefits.

Types of ozone therapy we offer

Ozone can be administered therapeutically in multiple ways. Two ways that we administer it is via minor or major autohemotherapy and prolozone therapy.

Major/ minor autohemotherapy is a procedure in which blood is removed from a patient, mixed with ozone gas, as well as an anti-coagulant, and reinfused into a patient. The volume of blood removed is what determines if it is minor or major.

When mixed with blood, ozone reacts with the membranes of the red and white blood cells creating a compound called an ozonide. When reinfused back into a patient this compound acts as a signaling molecule that provides a myriad of biological effects such as reducing inflammation, stimulating the immune system which is discussed below.

Prolozone therapy is a regenerative injection therapy. It is the administration of ozone gas, as well as prolotherapy into a joint. Ozone causes localized inflammation which stimulates a healing cascade that may improve joint pain and promote regeneration of joints. To read more about prolotherapy, click here.

Benefits of ozone therapy

Ozone therapy numerous effects on the body. It acts on multiple pathways causing many beneficial effects:

  • Ozone enhances the metabolism of oxygen in the body which in turn increases the production of cellular energy in the body, known as ATP

  • Exposure of the blood to ozone causes an increased release of oxygen to tissue and increases circulation.

  • Ozone upregulates our bodies natural antioxidants such as superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione.

  • Ozone therapy has been found to modulate the immune system. These effects vary depending on the dose and route of administration.

  • Ozone causes a low-grade level of oxidation in the body which upregulates the release of certain signaling molecules that stimulate the immune system

  • Ozone therapy can also reduce inflammation in the body. By causing a low level of inflammation it upregulates certain pathways in the body that lead to an overall anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Studies have indicated that ozone may potentially inhibit cancer cell growth.

  • Ozone can also be used as an anti-pathogenic agent and has been found to destroy bacteria. virus, yeast and protozoa.

Side effects of ozone therapy

When administered by a trained health professional ozone is a safe therapy. The most common side effect of ozone therapy is a Herxheimer reaction. There are some contraindications to ozone therapy and a consultation with one of our naturopathic doctors is needed before beginning treatment to assess your case and determine if ozone therapy will be safe and effective for you.