Consumer Choice Award 2024Optimum Wellness Integrated Clinic, located in Edmonton, has established itself as an exemplary award-winning business in healthcare. With over 20 years of dedicated service, the clinic, led by the distinguished Dr. A.J. DeNault ND, seamlessly integrates naturopathic medicine (NDs), conventional medicine (NPs) with Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM doctors). This unique approach has earned the clinic the Consumer Choice Award 14 times, a testament to its commitment to health and wellness.

Pioneering Fertility and Pregnancy Care

Specializing in women’s health, the clinic excels in addressing fertility and pregnancy care. Its approach goes beyond the standard medical treatments, considering the unique circumstances and needs of each patient to foster healthy pregnancies.

Revolutionary Digestive Health Solutions

Dr. Somji’s expertise in digestive health, particularly in managing conditions like IBS and SIBO, showcases its commitment to not just treating symptoms but enhancing overall digestive wellness. This comprehensive care is a cornerstone of their naturopathic medicine services.

Advanced Dermatological and Aesthetic Treatments

Dr. Podolska’s expertise in naturopathic dermatology and medical aesthetics introduces cutting-edge treatments like PRP therapy and microneedling, focusing on skin health and rejuvenation.

Dedicated Cancer Care

Dr. Kozin’s expertise in naturopathic cancer care brings specialized personalized treatment plans for each unique cancer journey, reflecting the clinic’s deep commitment to patient-centred care.

Ozone Therapy: Enhancing Well-being

The clinic’s use of Ozone Therapy underscores its innovative approach, offering a treatment that supports metabolism, boosts immunity, and provides various other health benefits.

IV Therapies for Comprehensive Wellness

Their range of IV Therapies exemplifies the clinic’s commitment to holistic health, addressing various health and wellness needs from energy, the immune system, to hormonal balance.

Acupuncture: Balancing Body and Mind

Through the ancient art of acupuncture and herbal products, rooted in Traditional Chinese medicine, the clinic offers a holistic path to health and wellness, effectively addressing a variety of physical and emotional ailments.

Expanding Horizons in Conventional Medicine

Addressing the growing demand for primary care, Optimum Wellness Integrated Clinic now includes nurse practitioners for comprehensive family medical care, blending conventional medicine with their naturopathic and holistic health services and Traditional Chinese medicine.

The Foundation of Consistent Excellence

The Optimum Wellness Integrated Clinic Corp. in Edmonton stands out as a repeated recipient of the Consumer Choice Award for reasons deeply rooted in its approach to healthcare. Merging naturopathic medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine with traditional treatments alongside the expansion into primary medical care with nurse practitioners reflects a commitment to evolving with the healthcare needs of Northern Alberta.