Many individuals have compromised health including gastrointestinal, liver, and kidney dysfunction which prevents them from properly absorbing and assimilating food, supplements and medications.  IV administration safely bypasses the gastrointestinal system and liver and allows for the delivery of nutrients and therapeutic compounds directly to cells through the bloodstream. With IV administration you can obtain blood levels of nutrients that are much higher than oral intake alone.

Optimum Wellness Integrated Clinic offers multiple types of IV therapies, including vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid, curcumin, artesunate, GPC, PPC, and other vitamin/mineral combinations for a wide range of health concerns. IV therapy may help patients with symptoms ranging from low energy or mood disorders to cancer and cardiovascular disease. 

The IV treatment centre at Optimum Wellness is one of the largest in Western Canada. Every week, dozens of patients are treated with safe, effective IV therapies by our experienced team. Our IV room has a full nursing staff and is overseen by multiple naturopathic doctors. We also use infusion pumps to ensure safety and efficacy of our treatments. We have safely administered thousands of IV therapies to numerous patients. 

While diseases may present similarly, the reason they developed may be due to a myriad of different factors. Determining the cause and correcting it is the role of your naturopathic doctor. Our doctors will take the time to understand the cause of your illness and if IV therapy is recommended our naturopathic doctors will tailor the IV towards your individual needs.  Therefore, it is our policy to speak with one of the naturopathic doctors at our clinic before receiving an IV. Below is an overview of some of the IV therapies we offer at our clinic. These therapies may be offered alone or in a mixture with one another.

General Naturopathic Therapies

Clinical nutrition examines the relationship between diet and health. Special diets, food elimination, variations in dietary habits or the use of nutritional supplements may be recommended.
The use of plants for healing dates back to the beginning of civilization and is the foundation of modern pharmacology. The use of herbs in many forms: teas, tinctures or capsules are used for their healing effects and nutritional value may be recommended for healing effect.
Homeopathic remedies are minute dilutions of plant, animal and mineral substances designed to stimulate the body’s “vital force” and strengthen its innate ability to heal.
Based on balancing the flow of Chi (energy) through meridian pathways under the skin, Oriental medicine includes the use of Oriental herbs and acupuncture to regulate and release Chi in order to bring the body into balance.
Naturopathic doctors address all aspects of a person’s life, identifying and addressing the impact that stress and life events have on a patient’s health and assisting patients to make effective lifestyle choices.

We offer evidence-based dietary and targeted nutritional supplement recommendations for most of today’s known molecular targets.

We offer testing for those who want to know whether their various body symptoms and complaints are linked to the pathogens responsible for Lyme Disease or other related Babesia infections, using the latest technology to measure the most current markers. Read More.

Advanced Therapies

Optimum Wellness Clinic offers two types of IV Therapy: GPC Therapy and PPC Therapy Read More
EDTA Chelation is the intravenous treatment of heavy metal accumulation in the body. By removing heavy metals, free radical damage is significantly reduced or reversed. Read More

When we administer Ozone Therapy we combine it with ultra violet light (Biophotonic Therapy / BPT). The net effect is the initiation of several valuable biological reactions such as a vastly improved oxygenation of the tissues and a rebalanced immune system. Read More