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Endometriosis: A Natural Approach

May 21st, 2023|0 Comments

Severe pain during your period, bloating, and painful intercourse shouldn’t be accepted as normal. Women experiencing these symptoms could have endometriosis, a condition affecting about 10% of females of reproductive age. Despite its prevalence, endometriosis [...]

Why Oral Health Matters

April 12th, 2023|0 Comments

A central tenet of holistic health is the interconnectedness of all the elements that make up your wellbeing. Through this approach, we learn how our lifestyle choices can impact health in ways we may not [...]

The PCOS and Gut Health Connection

April 12th, 2023|0 Comments

Up to five million women in the U.S. have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), but this condition remains frustratingly difficult to diagnose and treat. One study found that 70% of women with PCOS haven’t been diagnosed, [...]