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The Mercury Chelation Program

The Mercury Chelation Program approaches mercury removal in a safe and natural way. This insures that any possible undesirable side-effects are reduced or eliminated. The goal of the program is to first support and improve the body's own ability to effectively remove mercury, and second to chelate (bind) the unwanted mercury and thirdly, to actively remove the mercury from the body.

The program begins with a general assessment, laboratory testing and heavy metal urine testing. If heavy metals (including mercury) are found, then the chelation process begins with both intravenous (IV) treatments and taking oral supplements.

Usually the level of mercury is rechecked after every 12 IV treatments.

When Do You Start The Chelation Program?

Generally it is best to start the mercury specific chelation program BEFORE you start removing your dental amalgams and continue DURING and AFTER their removal.

It is also best to have only a few dental amalgams removed at once so that the excess mercury released during the removal process is quickly removed. If you have ALREADY removed your amalgams, even if it was years ago, you should still be tested and then if needed, start the program as soon as you can.


Research has shown that the greatest amount of mercury released occurs at the dental office during the replacement, repair or removal of amalgam fillings, as well as during the cleaning and polishing of them.

Amalgams versus biologically correct fillings

Consequently, you should consider choosing a biological dentist (mercury-free) who is familiar and mindful of the toxicity of mercury and the increased release during procedures.

These dentists also use specialized equipment which decreases mercury exposure to their patients and their staff. They often have obtained special training and belong to organizations such as IAOMT.org (International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology).

Further Information

Everyone that begins "The Mercury Chelation Program" will receive information on this therapy, including our clinic information pamphlet and a recommended supplements list.

Each patient is also encouraged to read books on mercury toxicity which are available at the major bookstores. Our clinic carries copies of the books “A Mouth Full of Poison; The truth about mercury amalgam fillings" and "Toxic Metal Syndrome; How metal poisonings can affect your brain". 

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