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Dental Amalgams

In 1990, the World Health Organization (WHO) calculated the amount of mercury intake from a variety of sources. Their data showed that mercury released from AMALGAM FILLINGS is by a wide margin, the PRIMARY source of human exposure.

With an estimated daily intake ranging from 3.8 to 21 mcg per day, exposure from amalgams is between 6 to 7 times the intake from fish or other foods, and 400 to 500 times the level of environmental intake.

Silver filling

The weight of scientific evidence supports the argument that the mercury released from dental amalgams (silver coloured, mercury containing fillings) is a major source of mercury being deposited in the body.

According to Dr. Charles Williamson of the Toxic Studies Institute, Boca Raton, Florida, USA, the GREATEST majority of the burden of mercury, up to 87 percent, comes from the continuous release of mercury vapour from dental amalgams. Mercury is now listed as Public Enemy #3 on the TOP-20 list of toxic substances by the U.S. Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry (ASTDR), surpassed only by arsenic and lead.

After a 1988 review of evidence of mercury toxicity Great Britain, Canada and Sweden strongly advised dentists NOT to place or remove amalgams during pregnancy. Norway and Germany has since done the same.

 In 1991 Sweden declared mercury amalgam fillings to be a toxic material "UNSUITABLE FOR HUMAN USE" and announced the imposition of an outright ban on amalgam fillings. This ban was implemented over a ten year period.

Who Needs Mercury Chelation?

Even if you eliminate all sources of mercury exposure (including the removal of dental amalgams) but do nothing to support your body's ability to remove the accumulated mercury in ALL your tissues and body organs, it will take years - perhaps a lifetime - for your body to eliminate this toxic element. In most people, their bodies are NOT able to eliminate the mercury without an external MERCURY SPECIFIC CHELATION (removal) program.

Everyone who still HAS dental amalgams (silver colored, mercury containing fillings) or those who have had them REMOVED should seriously consider a mercury specific chelation program. For those who still have amalgam fillings, they are still being constantly exposed to mercury vapor, and it is even more important they begin this program as soon as possible. The same goes for anyone who has had ENVIRONMENTAL or WORK EXPOSURE to mercury.

NOTE: Anyone who has SYMPTOMS of mercury poisoning should be tested.

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