People develop cancer due to a myriad of factors. Each individual’s physiology is unique, how their body responds to cancer is distinct, and how they respond to various therapies is different. At OWIC we use specific laboratory testing to look at your physiology and biochemistry to see how your diagnosis, as well as the treatments you are undergoing, are affecting your body.

The labs we look at can range from those you are most likely familiar with such labs as blood counts, hormones, and lipids. They can also be more esoteric and look at factors such as your microbiome, nutrient levels and if there are any tumor cells in your blood stream.

Laboratory testing can provide insight into what factors may have led to the development of cancer. We can also use this information to look at the overall health of our patients as well as determine treatment progress. Additionally, we can use this information to modify our patients’ treatments which in turn may modify their physiology and biochemistry to create an inhospitable environment for cancer to develop, grow and disseminate. Finally, it allows us to prescribe treatments to optimize our patient’s health and ensure that they feel well before, during and after their diagnosis.