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EDTA Chelation Testimonials

My wife had a stroke about 4 years ago which affected her left side. The left side of her face drooped, the corner of her lip went crooked, her ability to speak was affected, and her left arm and leg became very weak. But after a few days at the hospital she made a near complete recovery, her only noticeable remaining problem was fatigue. However over the next few years after that, our family noticed she was changing mentally. She was not organized in the kitchen anymore, her conversations on the phone sometimes didn't make sense, she would forgot peoples names she knew for decades, she would leave the water tap running, etc. Also, she would forgot where she was or what she was doing, right in the middle of preparing something.

We brought my wife to a specialist who did an ultrasound of her neck vessels which they found were almost blocked, especially the left side. But he said she was not a candidate for surgery. So then, we heard about Dr. DeNault's clinic and brought my wife to see him. There she received 30 IV treatments over about 2 ½ months, 30 EDTA Chelation treatments and 10 GPC treatments. Since then, she is on a maintenance program of alternating EDTA Chelation and GPC monthly treatments. The results were amazing!! Our family has our Mom back!!

D.D. & E.D., Dapp, AB


"I have had 3 heart attacks and was diagnosed as inoperable because of the location of the severe blockage. Since then, for several years I have been taking Chelation and I have been much better. My pulse is now regular and I do not get chest pains anymore. Even my overall health seems better."

M.K., Edmonton, AB.


"In 1993 I had severe angina and I could not walk more than half a block without having to stop for relief from the shortness of breath and pain. So I started a series of Chelation treatments. After the 16th treatment I was able to walk 11/2 miles without a problem, but I continued to take treatments until I took 35 in a row. Since then I take one booster treatment every month and I have no trace of angina and I never did have to get a bypass. I want to thank all the Chelation doctors who I have seen and who have helped me over the years and who have fought the College and all the non-believers."

F.C., Drayton Valley, AB.


"During a stay at my winter home in Arizona I was admitted to the local hospital because I was having difficulty breathing. Two days of testing followed and I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and recommended that I have an angioplasty. However, I decided to go home to Alberta to see my own heart specialist who immediately admitted me to the emergency ward. I was examined by a cardiologist who recommended an angiogram but I had to go home and wait for 6 weeks. During that wait time my daughter suggested I have I.V. Chelation. By the time they called me for my angiogram appointment I had already had 13 Chelation treatments. The angiogram results were fantastic, they could not find any blockages, the cardiologist could not believe it. In my opinion after this experience, I firmly believe everyone should try Chelation before having any invasive procedures such as angioplasty."

G.R., Fahler, AB.


"About 4 years ago I developed a tingling in my right arm and the right side of my face. I went to see my family doctor and he ordered many tests including an ultrasound of the vessels of my neck. The results showed a blockage in the right artery of my neck. My doctor said all I can give you right now is Lipitor and I will look into getting surgery done. When I found out that Lipitor was only for lowering cholesterol I checked out a treatment called Chelation that I had previously heard about for clearing up blocked arteries. After taking 14 Chelation treatments one week apart, everything returned to normal and has remained that way. I continued going for weekly treatments until I had received 20, and since then I having been getting monthly boosters."

E.M., Red Deer, AB.

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