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The Advantages of EDTA Chelation

EDTA Chelation treatments remove heavy metals, thereby reducing chest pain (angina) and improving circulation throughout the body. In most cases, EDTA Chelation therapy improves the patent's quality of life WITHOUT requiring surgery.

Although many people gain the same or better benefits from EDTA Chelation as compared to Bypass or Periphero-vascular surgery, it must be pointed out that EDTA Chelation and surgery may not be mutually exclusive. In cases where surgery is required, EDTA Chelation can be used thereafter to improve and maintain the surgery’s benefits.

IV chelation Before and Afters

Photographs Courtesy of the The Daily Loaf   June 2009

EDTA Chelation is not physically or emotionally traumatic, as patients are able to comfortably perform sedentary activities during their treatments and are able to return to their normal activities after each treatment. EDTA Chelation may not prevent heart attacks, strokes or progressive leg problems; however it will reduce the incidence and severity of these issues. The biggest potential problem with EDTA Chelation is that patients feel so good due to the treatment, that they tend to overextend themselves, forgetting that there is still underlying pathology. Patients must always keep their original illness in mind (I.E. heart disease, decreased circulation, arthritis, etc.) and adjust their activities accordingly.


EDTA Chelation therapy is part of a comprehensive program. It is enhanced when used with a total nutritional program including professional supplements, and the adaptation of a “Heart-Smart” diet. Other lifestyle modifications that are encouraged are exercise, stress management, minimal use of caffeinated and alcohol beverages and the elimination of tobacco products.


Some nutritional “oral” supplements which contain EDTA or other Chelation agents have recently been alleged to be affective as intravenous Chelation therapy. The problem with oral chelation agents is that only 5% or less of the EDTA is absorbed from the digestive tract when taken orally. The same tiny percentage applies to rectal suppositories. The remainder passes out in the stool. Oral chelation must also be taken every day to absorb an effective amount of EDTA and when taken on a daily basis, oral EDTA binds essential nutrients in the digestive tract and blocks their absorption, causing deficiencies.

When EDTA is given intravenously there are no absorption issues. Furthermore, nutritional supplementation taken on a daily basis during the I.V. Chelation program, more than compensates for any loses incurred during the therapy.


Everyone that begins EDTA Chelation will receive information on Chelation therapy including a Q & A’s hand-out and a recommended supplements list. Each patient is also encouraged to read books on EDTA Chelation which are available at the major bookstores. Our clinic carries copies of “Forty Something Forever, A Consumer’s Guide to Chelation Therapy”.

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