What is Hyperthermia Treatment?

Hyperthermia Therapy is a Non-Invasive Integrated Therapy used in our CancerCare program. It is a Class III licensed LRHT device, called the Oncotherm EHY-2000 (Modulated Electro-hyperthermia). Optimum Wellness Integrated Clinic is one of the few integrated cancer clinics in North America, and the only clinic in Northern Alberta, to offer this therapy. Previously this therapy was only offered in Europe and Asia and we are proud to be only 1 in 8 clinics In North America to offer this therapy.  

The use of hyperthermia in our clinic in conjunction with other evidence-based therapies, when strategically integrated, provide the best outcomes for our patients. Clinical research has shown that when used as an adjunctive treatment, alongside chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, there is a synergistic effect leading to improved tumor response, enhanced quality of life and better clinical outcomes for patients. 

Loco-Regional Hyperthermia [LRHT], also known as Oncothermia or modulated electro-hyperthermia has been used for decades in Germany and is used in conventional oncology settings alongside chemotherapy and radiation. There are numerous studies detailing its use as an adjunctive cancer therapy. Over 100,000 hyperthermia treatments (using the oncotherm-200 plus device) are administered worldwide every year, to patients with a variety of different cancer types, diagnosed with different stages of disease, and undergoing different treatment regimens.