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EDTA Chelation is the intravenous treatment of heavy metal accumulation in the body. Although used successfully for over 30 years, EDTA Chelation is still a controversial therapy and considered experimental by “mainstream” medicine.

Mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic (but to name a few), act to trigger the formation of “free radicals” producing damage in our bodies.

Health problems related to heavy metal accumulation may include:

  • hardening of arteries (including coronary arteries)
  • leg circulation problems
  • strokes
  • circulatory blindness
  • auto-immune diseases such as rheumatism.

Excess heavy metals are also known to cause neuro-degenerative diseases such as neuritis, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases that plague modern mankind.

By removing heavy metals, free radical damage is significantly reduced or reversed.

The ultimate effect of EDTA Chelation therapy is to restore the health of the arteries. This is obtained by the removal of the pathological heavy metals and the increased production of a naturally formed substance called nitric oxide. Current research now validates nitric oxide as an endothelial-relaxing factor which relaxes the blood vessels, decreases the resistance to blood flow and subsequently improves the delivery of oxygen and other vital nutrients that the vessels supply to the tissue. Such effects are desirable in a majority of cardiovascular diseases.

Carotid Artery and Ileofemoral Artery


Clinical studies performed by Physicians actually performing EDTA Chelation Therapy have documented positive benefits from using EDTA in the treatment of the following disease processes:

  •  Arterio/ Atherosclerosis
  •  Coronary Artery Disease, Carotid Artery Disease
  •  Cerebral Vascular Disease (strokes, transient ischemic attacks [TIA’s], Alzheimer’s)
  •  Peripheral Vascular Disease (claudication, pre-gangrene)
  •  Certain Cardiac Arrhythmias
  • Autoimmune Disease (Scleroderma, Multiple Sclerosis, RH, SLE)
  •  Collagen Vascular Disease (rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus)
  •  Diabetes Mellitus, both Type I and Type II
  •  Heavy Metal Toxicity (lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, etc.)
  •  Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism
  • Hypercalcemic States
  • Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis
  • Venous Stasis Disorders
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Fibromyalgia
My wife had a stroke about 4 years ago which affected her left side. The left side of her face drooped, the corner of her lip went crooked, her ability to speak was affected, and her left arm and leg became very weak. But after a few days at the hospital she made a near complete recovery, her only noticeable remaining problem was fatigue. However over the next few years after that, our family noticed she was changing mentally. She was not organized in the kitchen anymore, her conversations on the phone sometimes didn’t make sense, she would forgot peoples names she knew for decades, she would leave the water tap running, etc. Also, she would forgot where she was or what she was doing, right in the middle of preparing something.
We brought my wife to a specialist who did an ultrasound of her neck vessels which they found were almost blocked, especially the left side. But he said she was not a candidate for surgery. So then, we heard about Dr. DeNault’s clinic and brought my wife to see him. There she received 30 IV treatments over about 2 ½ months, 30 EDTA Chelation treatments and 10 GPC treatments. Since then, she is on a maintenance program of alternating EDTA Chelation and GPC monthly treatments. The results were amazing!! Our family has our Mom back!!
D.D. & E.D., Dapp, AB
“I have had 3 heart attacks and was diagnosed as inoperable because of the location of the severe blockage. Since then, for several years I have been taking Chelation and I have been much better. My pulse is now regular and I do not get chest pains anymore. Even my overall health seems better.”
M.K., Edmonton, AB
“In 1993 I had severe angina and I could not walk more than half a block without having to stop for relief from the shortness of breath and pain. So I started a series of Chelation treatments. After the 16th treatment I was able to walk 11/2 miles without a problem, but I continued to take treatments until I took 35 in a row. Since then I take one booster treatment every month and I have no trace of angina and I never did have to get a bypass. I want to thank all the Chelation doctors who I have seen and who have helped me over the years and who have fought the College and all the non-believers.”
F.C., Drayton Valley, AB.
“During a stay at my winter home in Arizona I was admitted to the local hospital because I was having difficulty breathing. Two days of testing followed and I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and recommended that I have an angioplasty. However, I decided to go home to Alberta to see my own heart specialist who immediately admitted me to the emergency ward. I was examined by a cardiologist who recommended an angiogram but I had to go home and wait for 6 weeks. During that wait time my daughter suggested I have I.V. Chelation. By the time they called me for my angiogram appointment I had already had 13 Chelation treatments. The angiogram results were fantastic, they could not find any blockages, the cardiologist could not believe it. In my opinion after this experience, I firmly believe everyone should try Chelation before having any invasive procedures such as angioplasty.”
G.R., Fahler, AB
“About 4 years ago I developed a tingling in my right arm and the right side of my face. I went to see my family doctor and he ordered many tests including an ultrasound of the vessels of my neck. The results showed a blockage in the right artery of my neck. My doctor said all I can give you right now is Lipitor and I will look into getting surgery done. When I found out that Lipitor was only for lowering cholesterol I checked out a treatment called Chelation that I had previously heard about for clearing up blocked arteries. After taking 14 Chelation treatments one week apart, everything returned to normal and has remained that way. I continued going for weekly treatments until I had received 20, and since then I having been getting monthly boosters.”
E.M., Red Deer, AB

What are toxic metals and where do they come from ?

Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminum, etc.. are toxic to the human body. Lead among other damaging effects, inactivates the vital enzymes upon which the body depends for many of its critical processes. Unfortunately high levels of lead may be found in our environment. Leaded gasoline from automobiles and from the oil and gas industry has spewed thousands of tons of lead into our atmosphere which is being breathed in or is gaining entry into our bodies through our food. It is estimated that most of us have a lead burden of 500 times that of our forefathers, much of it trapped in our bones and other tissue.

Mercury is even more toxic than lead and causes damage to the immune system. It is a common industrial waste in our water and it is also absorbed from our mercury amalgam fillings. Another source is excessive fish consumption.

Aluminum has been found in toxic concentrations in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. It is found in food cooked in aluminum pots, in underarm deodorants, in tap water in certain areas, in baking powder, and in some drugs and foods.

Cadmium comes from cigarette tobacco and car exhaust, arsenic from industrial pollution and wood preservatives, and so the list goes on.

How is EDTA Chelation given?

After careful assessment including a physical exam and laboratory testing, Chelation therapy is given by intravenous drip to a maximum frequency of three treatments per week. Each treatment takes about 2½ hours and is given with the patient seated in a comfortable recliner chair, in which they can read or visit with their neighbour. Depending on the patient’s condition, it is usually recommended that an initial course of 20 to 30 weekly or bi-weekly treatments be taken. After that, monthly booster treatments are recommended to maintain the benefits originally gained by the first series of treatments.

Dosage of EDTA

The amount of EDTA is carefully calculated according to each patient’s age, weight, sex, general health and blood creatinine levels according to the A.C.A.M. protocol (American College for Advancement in Medicine). If above normal blood creatinine levels are detected, the dosage of EDTA and frequency of treatment will be reduced. Treatment may be stopped if in judgment of the doctor, continuing them might present any type of potential problem for the patient.

Are there side effects to Chelation Therapy?

Reaction to the EDTA or to the vitamins included in the I.V. treatment does occur occasionally. This is usually avoided by starting with smaller doses and gradually building up to desired levels. Inflammation at the sight of the I.V. may occur and is treated with cold compresses. If your blood pressure or blood sugar declines with treatment it is suggested that you see your regular doctor to adjust your prescription medicines. A drop in blood calcium occasionally occurs and is evident by muscle twitching, but this is corrected with I.V. or oral calcium.

Patients with heart failure are monitored closely as too much fluid can cause problems. Kidney damage leading to dialysis is rare, whereas if there is a modest kidney damage before Chelation, kidney function often improves. Life threatening reactions are also rare. Chelation cannot be given to people with severe kidney damage, to people on high doses of blood thinners or to pregnant women.

Is EDTA safe?

Yes, very safe. Over 1 million people world-wide have been chelated and there are no reported deaths from EDTA Chelation in the last 20 years following the A.C.A.M. protocol which is followed in our clinic. However fatality as in any medical or surgical treatment must be considered.

The Advantages of EDTA Chelation

EDTA Chelation treatments remove heavy metals, thereby reducing chest pain (angina) and improving circulation throughout the body. In most cases, EDTA Chelation therapy improves the patent’s quality of life without equiring surgery.

Although many people gain the same or better benefits from EDTA Chelation as compared to Bypass or Periphero-vascular surgery, it must be pointed out that EDTA Chelation and surgery may not be mutually exclusive. In cases where surgery is required, EDTA Chelation can be used thereafter to improve and maintain the surgery’s benefits.

Photographs Courtesy of the The Daily Loaf   June 2009

EDTA Chelation is not physically or emotionally traumatic, as patients are able to comfortably perform sedentary activities during their treatments and are able to return to their normal activities after each treatment. EDTA Chelation may not prevent heart attacks, strokes or progressive leg problems; however it will reduce the incidence and severity of these issues. The biggest potential problem with EDTA Chelation is that patients feel so good due to the treatment, that they tend to overextend themselves, forgetting that there is still underlying pathology. Patients must always keep their original illness in mind (I.E. heart disease, decreased circulation, arthritis, etc.) and adjust their activities accordingly.

Is the IV Therapy used alone?

EDTA Chelation therapy is part of a comprehensive program. It is enhanced when used with a total nutritional program including professional supplements, and the adaptation of a “Heart-Smart” diet. Other lifestyle modifications that are encouraged are exercise, stress management, minimal use of caffeinated and alcohol beverages and the elimination of tobacco products.

More recently EDTA IV Chelation is used along with PPC IV therapy to improve the results. Please see the section on PPC IV therapy for more information.

Oral Chelation

Some nutritional “oral” supplements which contain EDTA or other Chelation agents have recently been alleged to be effective as intravenous Chelation therapy. The problem with oral chelation agents is that only 5% or less of the EDTA is absorbed from the digestive tract when taken orally. The same tiny percentage applies to rectal suppositories. The remainder passes out in the stool. Oral chelation must also be taken every day to absorb an effective amount of EDTA and when taken on a daily basis, oral EDTA binds essential nutrients in the digestive tract and blocks their absorption, causing deficiencies.

When EDTA is given intravenously there are no absorption issues. Furthermore, nutritional supplementation taken on a daily basis during the I.V. Chelation program, more than compensates for any loses incurred during the therapy.


Each patient is encouraged to read books on EDTA Chelation which are available at major bookstores or online. Our clinic carries copies of “Forty Something Forever, A Consumer’s Guide to Chelation Therapy” BY Harold & Arline Brecher and “Bypassing Bypass Surgery” by Elmer M Cranton, M.D.

Is Chelation Covered by Alberta health care?

EDTA Chelation is not covered by Alberta Health Care. Some private (work) insurance companies may cover part of the therapy; however, our clinic does not provide any third party billing. After each treatment our clinic will provide you with a computerized invoice for either your insurance coverage or your personal files.

As Celebrities, athletes and scientists now headline the millions of North Americans frequenting naturopathic doctors for various forms of chelation therapy, chelation is now being referred to as . . .”The Treatment of the Stars”

Arlene Brechner: Forty Something Forever