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Mercury Chelation Testimonials

"I have been very impressed with Dr. DeNault and his clinic right from the beginning. When I initially called to enquire about the Mercury Chelation Program, Dr. DeNault was available to explain to me all the steps that were necessary. I appreciated the thoroughness that Dr. DeNault takes with his patients before, during and after the chelation treatments to ensure the health and safety of the patients. My experience was successful. I am finally healing from chronic candida. After years of struggling with health issues I finally feel better and I also have the knowledge to continue being well. I appreciate all the programs and treatments Dr. DeNault and his clinic has to offer. These services should actually be part of our "mainstream" health services or should be at least covered by Alberta Health Care."

B.A., Onaway, AB.


"After having thyroid cancer twice and then lymph node cancer I decided to have my mercury fillings removed and also undergo Mercury Chelation IV treatments to remove the mercury and other heavy metals from my body and tissues. My first round of 12 IV's of Mercury Chelation resulted in a 49% decrease in mercury, which is great. Soon I will start another round of chelation to remove the remaining mercury. Detoxification takes time and commitment. I feel empowered to be on the right track in addressing the underlying cause of my illnesses, no longer a victim waiting for something new to strike. Dr. DeNault provides pre and post-treatment testing information which helps you make the best decisions on treatment requirements. He also informs you on daily lifestyle choices, on diet, and on exercise and relaxation choices. This accountability increases my motivation to live healthy."

D.H., Sherwoord Park, AB.


"Thank you for seeing my Dad since he has returned from Dr. Castillo in Mexico. I think you should be commended on the care and services that you are offering (like mercury chelation) for many patients like my Dad who are unable to find answers to their health problems. We need more doctors like you! My dad is also very impressed with you and your staff. We both know that it has taken a lifetime to build up the metal and toxins so we need to be patient as to the recovery and healing time."

D & S. P., Grand Prairie, AB.

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