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Cancer Care Program Testimonials

Dear Dr. DeNault and Staff

In April 2011 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma in my tonsil that had metastasized into my lymph system. After various tests, our family doctor booked me an appointment with a surgeon. It felt like a death sentence. My immediate reaction was to start planning my will, finances, funeral plans, etc. etc. Fortunately for me my husband, Simon, gave me a wake-up call: "Why don't you start planning on how you can live, instead?", he wisely advised.

For years we had followed the growing interest in the merits of high volume Vitamin C intravenous therapy for cancer treatment as advocated by Dr. Linus Pauling (Two time Nobel Laureate) and Dr. Ewan Cameron (a Scottish doctor). In seeking a means to have this treatment we were led to the Optimum Wellness Clinic, and we set up an appointment with you. After consultation I took your advice and immediately began taking the vitamins and minerals you recommended and commenced high volume Vitamin C intravenous treatments (3 times weekly for a total of 20 treatments)

A few weeks after I began Vitamin C therapy, I met with the surgeon. His recommendation was frightening - 15 hours of surgery followed by radiation treatments. It would mean that I would be disfigured for life. He kindly explained to us that we were in shock and suggested we get a second opinion at the Cross Cancer Institute.

Dr. Parliament at the Cross Cancer Institute gave me a second option - 30 radiation and 7 chemotherapy treatments. He explained if any cancer remained after that follow-up surgery would be less invasive. I chose this option.

It's now two years since my last chemo and radiation treatment. On August 23, 2013 my doctor told me the results of my last PT scan. CANCER FREE! He confirmed this with a physical examination, reporting that while there were some signs of the radiation treatment there were NO signs of the cancer.

Our sincere heartfelt thanks to you and your staff for your contribution to this result. Both my husband, Simon, and I are convinced that the Vitamin C intravenous therapy treatments I had at your clinic STOPPED the cancer from migrating further into my lymph system before conventional treatment could begin. This timely therapy together with energy healing practices clearly made the difference. We have and will continue to highly recommend your clinic to anyone else who may find themselves facing this or a similar situation.

With gratitude,

J.P., Edmonton, AB

When my mom was diagnosed with cancer she decided that conventional treatment wasn't for her so I took her to one of the top Integrative Cancer Clinics in the USA. After she was finished her treatments there, I was pleased to discover that we could continue with many of the same therapies [IV’s, injections, supplements] that we received in Reno at the Optimal Wellness Clinic in Edmonton. Dr. DeNault and his staff provided my mom with excellent care and not only helped boost her immune system but boosted her spirits as well. I'm very grateful and appreciative for all the great care that they provided for my mom. I continue to visit the clinic as well for IV treatments for heavy metal toxicity. I highly recommend the Optimal Wellness Clinic for those persons seeking alternative treatments for creating health in their bodies.

T. Jorgensen

Thank you to Dr. DeNault and his wonderful staff for the care they gave me through my cancer treatments.

I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer August 2012 and started the cancer care program after my first surgery. Dr. DeNault's recommendations throughout my surgeries and cancer treatments helped me heal quicker with little scarring, and I recovered from the effects of chemotherapy and radiation faster. He worked directly with me while taking my conventional treatments into account. We made a plan that would work with my medication and if there was any risk of interference he made suggestions, a winning combination in my mind. I have continued on with his recommended maintenance program.

Only time will tell if everything worked but so far I am very happy with the results after my one year checkup. I received a thumbs up. In fact, at my one year checkup I had both my oncologist and nurse double check which side had been the surgery site.

I highly recommend Optimum Wellness Clinic and the cancer care program. The knowledge, care and encouragement that once receives from Dr. DeNault and his staff was a tremendous help in keeping a positive attitude throughout my treatments.

Thanks for everything,

D.K, Edmonton, AB

"My first appointment with Dr. DeNault was both comforting and reassuring. Here is a man brimming with competence and compassion -two characteristics that were so important to me as I faced chemotherapy and radiation and was desperate to know what to do next.

Timely information was readily available. I couldn't have asked for a better support than what I've experienced at the Optimum Wellness Clinic. My program of supplements and intravenous vitamin C helped speed my recovery - much to the delight of my oncologist, who has now given me a clean bill of health. If you have a health challenge, you're in great hands with the professionals at the Optimum Wellness Clinic!"

S.P., Edmonton, AB

"I was referred to the Optimum Wellness Clinic by a friend from St. AIbert who was undergoing cancer treatment. She was receiving Vitamin C IV as well as various naturopathic pills.

Currently, I am on chemo as well as receiving Vitamin C IV and naturopathic pills recommended by Dr. DeNault suitable for my situation. I feel very strongly that the naturopathic treatments in conjunction with the chemo is keeping my cancer stable. My blood work has always been good and is done every three weeks, as well as the scans that I receive every three months have also been stable for over a year.

I have learned much from his fabulous clinic, joyous staff, as well as the intereaction with fellow patients also receiving treatments there. Dr. DeNault's knowledge as a Naturopathic Doctor as well as his knowledge of pharmaceutical drugs as a Pharmacist is excellent."

S.K., Edmonton, AB

"I have had thyroid cancer twice and then lymph node cancer, and then recently another suspicious thyroid CT scan. But I had to wait for a another biopsy so in the mean time I decided to try another kind of medicine. After trying many other alternative health practitioners (over ten!!), I was relieved to find Dr. DeNault, a Naturopathic doctor and a pharmacist who knows and practices cutting edge natural medicine and also understands the appropriate use of allopathic care. I completed a series of I.V. Vitamin C treatments, mistletoe injections, along with supplements tailored to my specific cancer and digestive afflictions. After months of waiting for the Alberta Health Care system to arrange for my biopsy, I finally had the procedure. The results - healthy tissue!! I am currently in remission for lymph/thyroid cancer, colitis and chronic yeast infections, and enjoying each day to the fullest!!"

D.H., Sherwood Park, AB.

"I was referred to Dr. DeNault by another doctor, for the treatments he does with cancer. I started treatments with him in May 2009 and our goal was building my body to a healthy state. Since taking I.V. Vitamin C, mistletoe therapy and special natural supplements, my chemo treatments were made easier on me. I seem to not get any real side effects from the chemo. My pathology tests came back with good results and my blood work is now perfect. I found myself in good hands there, with Dr. DeNault's knowledge as a Naturopath and also his knowledge of pharmaceutical and chemo drugs as a pharmacist. His staff are also very supportive and caring."

M.S., Edmonton, AB.

"Last November I started feeling extremely tired, I could hardly get up off the couch to do anything. Later I found out my cancer had returned. I went to Dr. DeNault and started taking I.V. Vitamin C, special supplements and doing pH monitoring. Soon after I started mistletoe therapy. Two weeks after I started therapy with Dr. DeNault I started feeling a lot better and I started getting my energy back. Also during this time, I went through my mom's illness and death. Because of the treatments from Dr. DeNault I was feeling better and I was able to deal with this very stressful time in my life. The Love and Care everyone at the clinic has shown me has been extraordinary. I highly recommend Dr. DeNault for help in dealing with cancer, feeling better and hopefully my cancer will soon be completely gone. His staff are kind, loving, encouraging and supportive. I am very grateful that Dr. DeNault was recommended to me, he has made a huge difference!"

S.E., Westlock, AB.

"I have been healthy most of my life, but one morning I woke up with excruciating pain in my lower abdomen and had my husband drive me to the hospital. At first it was thought I would require emergency surgery for appendicitis but after x-rays and an ultrasound the doctors found a tumour in my ovary which was leaking fluids internally and spreading into my blood stream. They said this was the source of the pain and discomfort, which had become the worst pain I had ever felt before.

The surgery was successful. They removed a tumour the size of a grapefruit and after my recovery more tests were done including a gastroscopy and a biopsy. Four days later my family and I were thrown into the greatest battle of our lives. The diagnosis was primary stomach cancer with secondary cancer in my ovary. So what now? Well I was referred to the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton but had to wait for an appointment. While I was waiting, I searched for options to the anticipated regular recommended treatments. When my visit finally arrived, I listened to an unassuming doctor with the bedside manner of an executioner as he proceeded to use a white board and red marker to illustrate as he saw it, my death sentence: “No need for any surgery, you are too far gone! There is no feasible help for your condition at this stage of disease”. “My only recommendation; with chemo you have 8 to 10 months, and without chemo 3 to 5 months, tops!!” How charming, Bless his heart!! My response - Thanks but no thanks!!

Luckily while waiting for the Cross’s appointment, I had researched and found on the Internet Natural Centers who deal with cancer, both here in Alberta and the USA. I settled on a centre in Santa Barbara. While I was there I underwent and intense regimen of intravenous vitamin C treatments, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, acupuncture, daily saunas, massage and other natural treatments. The results of my PET scan upon leaving there showed no evidence of any live cells anywhere. I returned with one request from my doctor there and that was that I continue with a naturopathic center in Edmonton.

Upon recommendation, I chose Dr. DeNault at the Optimum Wellness Naturopathic Medical Clinic here in Edmonton where I have since been receiving weekly intravenous vitamin C treatments, mistletoe therapy, and special natural supplements. It is such a blessing to be a patient of his. The atmosphere at the clinic is of warmth, caring, and encouragement and the entire staff interacts with such understanding and compassion. Each visit is like a family reunion as frequent bursts of laughter fill the air. This is definitely a place where life is felt.

I can testify that a Naturopath is absolutely a positive direction for anyone with cancer or any such disease. It is so comforting in knowing there is such treatments available with no side effects for a disease as ruthless as cancer and a real blessing we can get these treatments right here in Edmonton!! "

M.G., Lloydminster. AB

"Approximately two years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. The prognosis looked bleak with little promise. At that time I had a major decision to make: 1) take the usual treatments, chemotherapy and radiation 2) take alternative treatments, or 3) combine the two. As the usual treatments chemotherapy and radiation did NOT offer much promise I decided on the third option. My brother recommended to me Dr. DeNault, a naturopathic doctor here in Edmonton, which he has known and has been treated by for some time for heart disease.

I had a consultation with Dr. DeNault and felt this was the way to proceed. Upon his recommendation I went on a high-dose I.V. vitamin C and mistletoe program along with additional supplements. I did this in conjunction with the usual treatments of chemotherapy and radiation. His treatments besides helping me fight my cancer, also helped me in dealing with the side effects of the usual treatments.

It has been over a year that I have been on this program. I don't know what the future holds, but I sincerely feel, that if I wasn't on Dr. DeNault's program I would not be here to write this today."

Gerry B., Edmonton, AB

"I have a very important story to tell. It all started with a terrible cancer diagnosis. Devastation took over our lives. We were referred to an oncologist at the Cross Cancer Institution to begin exploring our options for treatment. We were greeted with a solemn outlook. It became very clear that I had a huge battle on my hands, I was to fight for my life. We gave the Cross our complete trust. The radiologist suggested radiation in an attempt to shrink or stop the growth of this huge tumor embedded in my thigh muscle.

Panicked and desperate we accepted. After twenty five rounds of radiation over five weeks we were told it did NOT work. Worst yet, the tumor had ballooned to over three times the original size. Amputation of my leg was the only way to save me. Three months after that procedure, we learned that the cancer had spread to my lungs. I was lucky however, the surgeon was able to operate and remove the lesions. The operation was successful, three lesions were extracted. The oncologists then wanted me to start chemotherapy as soon as possible. My once healthy body was starting to feel very weak from the operations and also from the stress involved in not knowing if I was going to live or die. My husband and I realized that we had to take charge and begin to explore ways to rebuild my strength both physically and psychologically. We chose to see a Naturopathic doctor.

Our research brought us to the Optimum Wellness Naturopathic Medical Clinic here in Edmonton. We met with Dr. DeNault and my road to recovery began with a vengeance. During our first visit, Dr. DeNault talked to us about the importance of rebuilding and protecting my immune system, and he went on to explain why. We were immediately impressed with his optimistic approach as to how we were going to help heal my body. For once since this nightmare began we felt hope. Months of regular and pleasant visits for I.V. treatments, mistletoe therapy, special supplements, introduction on pH monitoring, and colon hydrotherapy. Advice on lifestyle and dietary changes were also included. Six months later and for the first time in two years, my oncologist declared that the cancer was in remission. Success! I continue to visit Dr. DeNault and the rest of his wonderful team. I feel extremely fortunate that God has put these extraordinary people in my path of life. My wish is to be able to share "them" with all cancer patients. I am convinced that conventional and alternative medicine can work together to improve the odds against this awful disease."

C.R., Edmonton, AB 

"I was diagnosed with small cell (inoperable) lung carcinoma. I refused conventional medicine as I wanted quality life. Looking for other alternatives, I came across Dr. DeNault’s clinic, the Optimum Wellness Naturopathic Medical Clinic. I have been taking I.V. Vitamin C therapy, mistletoe therapy and special supplements, along with diet changes. I had blood work done with Dr. DeNault and my family doctor, and the results were fine. Dr. DeNault is a very knowledgeable and caring practitioner. The staff is also very supportive and caring. The patients you meet encourage one another and also learn from one another."

L.F., Edmonton, AB

"When I first went to see Dr. DeNault I was having trouble walking and mentally I was struggling to stay alive. With our first meeting I knew that I had found new hope for improving my health. Dr. DeNault is a very knowledgeable, supportive and caring health care practitioner. I began I.V. Vitamin C treatments, mistletoe therapy and supplements immediately. I spent the summer of 2008 getting stronger everyday and by the end of August my blood work to my oncologist's surprise was in the healthy range and there was no hint of liver issues. He said I do not know what you are doing besides coming to the Cross but keep it up. Also, I found the people in Dr. DeNault's clinic the best "support group" for promoting healing. Everyone is positive and the patients are encouraging and hopeful for one another."

D.B., Edmonton, AB. 

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