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PPC Therapy Testimonials

"Over the last several years my kidney function kept deteriorating, and eventually Dr. DeNault told me I could no longer receive my monthly booster chelation treatments. That is when he told me about, and started me on PPC IV treatments.

At first I did 12 treatments over 4 weeks and then I reduced down to 1 treatment every second week. Not only did my kidney function stabilize it also improved by about 10%. My overall energy and memory seems to also have improved. Great Stuff!"

F.K., Spruce Grove, AB

"As a result of a heart attack and a single stent applied some 3 years ago, at first opportunity upon release from hospital I completed a regimen of 30 IV treatments. This consisted of 20 EDTA Chelation and 10 PPC treatments.

Subsequent follow-up with various cardiologists indicate a positive prognosis since I continue to take alternating Chelation and PPC treatments once a month to maintain the benefits I had originally gained from the first 30 treatments.

Unlike my friends who have had stents put in, but have NOT taken Chelation or PPC treatments, I do not have any “post stent” symptoms that they have, like shortness of breath and chest pain."

T.P., Sherwood Park, AB

"My husband had a triple bypass in 1996. Ten years later he was again experiencing angina and shortness of breath anytime he did something. However, he was no longer a candidate for any more heart surgery.

He seemed to have cold feet all the time. Also, his memory and ability to figure out stuff seemed to be diminishing in the last few years. After hearing about Chelation therapy we found out about Dr. DeNault's clinic in Edmonton. My husband started by taking 30 IV treatments (20 EDTA Chelation and 10 PPC) over about 10 weeks.

Now we only have to come to the clinic about once a month for maintenance. The treatments have greatly reduced many of his heart symptoms and his mental functions has also improved."

E.B., Thorhild, AB

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