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GPC Therapy Testimonials

"It seemed that my memory had really diminished in the last few years and my wife says it had really worsened in the last 6 months. I also had trouble understanding things when I read the paper and when people talked to me about new things. But this has all gotten better since my IV treatments with GPC and also the natural memory pills Dr. DeNault has given me.

I have finished my first 20 treatments and I am now only doing one IV GPC treatment every two weeks. I feel Great!!"

M.B., Edmonton, AB

"My memory started to fail about 3 years ago. During that time it was hard to even do everyday things, such as finding rooms in my home, finding the door to go outside, eating things properly, picking up a sandwich without having it all fall apart, and even getting dressed was a chore. I got so depressed about what was happening that I thought I didn’t want to live anymore.

At the time I was taking Chelation for my heart disease at Dr. DeNault’s clinic. My daughter decided to book an appointment with him to discuss my declining mental health. After that visit I started taking GPC IV treatments and some natural supplements. That was a turning point. My family and I saw improvements right away.

Now 2 years later not only can I find the door to go outside of the house, I am back doing farm chores and enjoying the company of my family and friends. I have my life back."

A.T., Metiskow, AB

My wife had a stroke about 4 years ago which affected her left side. The left side of her face drooped, the corner of her lip went crooked, her ability to speak was affected, and her left arm and leg became very weak. But after a few days at the hospital she made a near complete recovery, her only noticeable remaining problem was fatigue. However over the next few years after that, our family noticed she was changing mentally. She was not organized in the kitchen anymore, her conversations on the phone sometimes didn't make sense, she would forgot peoples names she knew for decades, she would leave the water tap running, etc. Also, she would forgot where she was or what she was doing, right in the middle of preparing something.

We brought my wife to a specialist who did an ultrasound of her neck vessels which they found were almost blocked, especially the left side. But he said she was not a candidate for surgery. So then, we heard about Dr. DeNault's clinic and brought my wife to see him. There she received 30 IV treatments over about 2 ½ months, 30 EDTA Chelation treatments and 10 GPC treatments. Since then, she is on a maintenance program of alternating EDTA Chelation and GPC monthly treatments. The results were amazing!! Our family has our Mom back!!

D.D. & E.D., Dapp, AB

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